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If you are someone who has a plan in mind about getting married, the more you know about weddings the better. Who does not love a good wedding? It is a special way of celebrating a unique bond of love and happiness between two people and by throwing a wedding they are also able to spread this happiness to people who they love and care about like friends and family. Of course planning a wedding can be a mighty stressful task and sometimes requires the couple to hire a wedding planner to work with them as well. This is because there is a lot to do and two people cannot get it all done within a short period of time. One of the main parts of planning a wedding is making sure there is a good way of photographing the entire thing, after all the wedding pictures and videos are what’s going to be your memories in the future. It can be easy to choose a good photographer for the wedding as there are many, but how will you know what style of photography to choose for your wedding? There are different styles if capturing a wedding and here are a few of them.

Film – This unique style of capturing wedding photographs or even wedding videography is used a lot by people for their weddings. It is a manner if capturing images and videos with a sort of organic and industrial touch to it. The captured images and videos will come out looking like they came straight out of a Hollywood movie. It is an absolutely beautiful style of photography but as photographers need to shoot this on film, it is a bit expensive because film itself is expensive. As the images need to be sorted out in the right manner, it might take around four weeks for you to get them.

Classic – If you have seen your mothers or grandmother’s old wedding pictures and thought you want a wedding album with pictures that are similar, this is the best choice to go for. Shooting classic wedding pictures go hand in hand with the photographers’ artistic license. The wedding photographer in Singapore must have an ability to create something beautiful and extraordinary out of the most simple and ordinary moments possible. Choosing to shoot your wedding pictures in this style would mean they are going to be traditional and formal yet stunning.

Lifestyle – This is form of photography that is very different from film and classic both. For lifestyle photography, everything captured is going to be very candid and spontaneous. It is a more relaxed and casual way of photographing people and if this is something you would want, go for it!

September 26th, 2017

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