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One of the issues that most young adults face on a monthly basis is the trouble of trying to save at least a part of the salary cheque and then trying to figure out where all the money went. Since almost everyone is living on their own in that age, and bills are some things that keep finding you even if you are six feet under (if it was possible it will dig its way in!) it can be a difficult prospect to save up a bit of the money. But it is not something that is impossible. So here are some tips for you start keeping a bit of the money in the account instead of the store’s counter.

● Release your earthly desires

One of the biggest issues of the knowledge that you have money in your bank account is that insatiable desire to run to the store to buy that wonderful collectible of Darth Vader or the pair of great faux snakeskin shoes that had just arrived (you checked this morning for availability). Although you might end up trying to convince yourself that it is only this month and that you deserve a treat for working so hard for the money, you should persevere and keep that money in the account. Cut back on collections of items and think about auctioning off your oldest items. EBay is an amazing site that even lets you sell your old socks to a hapless person in this planet. You can use that money to start up an account that will let you stay away from asking for a payday mortgage from the bank in the case of an emergency.

● Sign up for free things

You might think twice about signing up for free things like customer rewards programs and grabbing those sets of coupons that your mind is trying to persuade to pick up. And the whole reason that is holding yourself back would be your idea that people might think you are not able to afford anything. While this is the case in real life, peer pressure can bar you from grabbing things that would end up actually being helpful to you. If you give priority to what people who do not know you think, then you would end up in the wrong side of a payday loan.

Keep check of your utilities like lights, water and electricity and limit them whenever to reduce the amount you are giving off for bills.


January 15th, 2016

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