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Have you never had to hire a vehicle before? If so, there are quite a few important factors that you need to know beforehand. Knowing these matters can make all the difference between you having to pay a huge amount that will blow a hole in your wallet when you return the vehicle. It will also prevent you from getting scammed. Here are a few helpful pointers on things you should know and do when hiring a vehicle.

Cancelling reservations and penalties
The rules and regulations on the cancellation policy will change from one company to another, or it could remain the same for a country and change in another. Either way, the best way to avoid any unpleasant experiences and know for sure is to ask the company before you put down a reservation for a vehicle. If you are signing some kind of document or giving them your credit card details as security, this is even more important. If there is no cancellation charge for a reservation, you can do so, but for the sake of common courtesy, inform the company in advance or as early as possible. Most people just do a “no-show” which is not a great practice. You should ideally browse thoroughly until you can narrow down your options to a few reasonable and best car rental services. You can then pick one from those options. However, most prepaid vehicle reservations will charge you a cancellation fee almost always.

You will need a credit card most of the time
Nobody wants to handover anything to a stranger who can also turn out to be a liability in terms of credit. Therefore, most car rental companies will ask for a credit card. Keep your credit card with you when you go in to reserve a vehicle and even though sometimes, a debit card can be used, the company will then carry out a credit check on you. They will also make the process a lot tougher then.

Vehicle hire insurance
This can be a little tricky. If you already possess an auto insurance this will be taken into the equation, so be aware of what the terms and conditions are on that. Speak to your insurance provider if you will be traveling out of the country and will be hiring a vehicle abroad. However, the majority of credit cards will already carry a vehicular insurance of some sort. For this to be taken into consideration, most of the time, you will have to pay the entire fee charged via your credit card. The company giving you the vehicle must also not take in any other form of insurance offered to them by you.

Check the vehicle, save the receipts
Before you actually hire the vehicle, do check it thoroughly. Make note of any damages and report it immediately to the company before you take it. For extra caution, take images as proof. Save all your fuel receipts because in most countries, returning a vehicle with a less than full fuel gauge, will give an additional charge. Save the receipts and once again take images as backup if you need. Last, but not the least, return the vehicle on time and avoid a hefty penalty. Drive safe!

June 22nd, 2017

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