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Majority of you would have heard the amazing stories of your grandparent’s childhood. They didn’t have electronics or new toys to play with. Yet, they had most of the memorable fun activities that helped shape their development. The milestone of childhood is a significant phase that shapes us, as who we are at present. During the initial stages, children learn through play and experimenting within comfort zone surrounding them. So, how would products such as playthings, affect the development?
Today, toy companies have designed and manufactured various hard and soft gadgets for children to play with. Every parent expects their growing child to learn many social cues to engage in meaningful interaction. Are you a concerned parent about your child’s normal development? Here’s an overview of some important facts about it;
 Developing social interaction
One of the core skills that parents choose to inculcate in their children is developing the social skills muscle in them. Therefore, it’s important choosing educational toys that promote this skill. As you are aware, most both parenting households give electronics to the kid to keep himself or herself occupied, until the work is completed.

This alone time distances the child from engaging and boding with the parent. So, how do you expect them to be able to function outside the family unit?
 Enhancing cognitive skills
Most of the games that are electronically accessed have illustrated to deplete important developmental milestones such as the following;
– Fine motor skills – Thinking – Problem solving, etc.
Children require doing activities to register such abilities in their brain and use it, when it’s needed later. Therefore, it should involve you, siblings and others to promote these capabilities to the child.
 Run, jump and becoming flexible
Every child must learn to be active to be able to function normally and develop at a normal pace. You should focus on educational toys that help them learn and build motor skills. Therefore, focus on games and gadgets that get the child to become active, rather than being absorbed in their own bubble. As a fact, they would be able to engage in a wide range of sports activities, which is essential for a developing child.
 Differentiate between fantasy and reality
There have been many studies and reports illustrating the adverse effects of electronic games or programs that are telecasted. Most of these games openly portray violence, fantasy, destruction, etc. How do you expect your child to understand between fantasy and reality?
For instance imagine a child playing a violent boxing game on the PC versus playing with siblings or you in the garden? As a fact, you should consider games and activities that are realistic.
You search for methods to teach your child certain life skills such as social skills, self-care, cognitive development, etc. Therefore, in order to promote these, you should be able to choose playthings wisely. Hence, consider the aforementioned facts, when you visit a store to buy gadgets, games, etc. for your child. 

January 27th, 2016

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