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There are three kinds of people: the kind to rush to the nearest hospital even for the slightest paper cut, the type to be not give a damn about it even when a wound had begun to fester, and then there is the type who are somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. You should strive to come towards the middle if you are in the two extremes, for it is practical to do so and healthy; not to mention sane. Of the all the ailments the gods visit upon humans, nothing is more unbearable, annoying, and outright sadistic than back pain. You can bend to pick up the pencil you just dropped, you can’t make a run to catch the bus, you can’t properly socialize because you can’t simply dance, and your sleep is nightmarish without having to have actual nightmares. It’s more or less, living hell. The older you get the more difficult it gets. So unless you are elderly and suffering somewhat of a similar condition due to old age, you simply should not ignore it; especially if you are young and still ripe with youthful energy. It’s far too greater risk to take and must be discouraged at all times. This is your precious life you are dealing with here. You might even end up with a severe case of partial of complete paralysis if you don’t take that minor pain seriously. You might think it’s a superficial pain, and that nothing it wrong in the inside, but you could be in the wrong, and you might end up paying the price for foolishly gambling with your life. 

No surgery please

Spine treatment in Singapore can be a dangerous thing. It’s your central nervous system that we are dealing with here. One small bad judgment call or an erroneous mistake could lead to your instant death or lifelong paralysis. You need to think long and hard about actual surgery if your spine condition is bad. Let’s put it this way: if it is a case of slip or some such, professionals often do not advise surgery as the only treatment. A simple case of slip disc can be treated without surgery.

There are professionals likewise, to treat you without you having to look for options such as spinal surgery. What the professional would do is make an assisted diagnosis/evaluation based on your medical reports and experience, and assess whether or not you require surgery. If the verdict is such that you are not required to have surgery as a primary option, you might want to consider the fact that you might well be off without it after all. Treating back pain without surgery is indeed an option to give serious thought to.

Take that leap of faith

Fear should definitely not keep you from doing what is right by your health and comfort. Often, the safest course of action is also the best course of action.

July 15th, 2016

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