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From the time we are babies, we are pampered with lotions and talc powders and special, mild and moisturizing soaps to keep our skin healthy. Nowadays, there are wet wipes which are manufactured using carefully formulated ingredients to keep the skin healthy, soft, moisturized and free from rashes or irritation. As children, skincare is barely something to be concerned about, unless of course enforced by our parents. As teenagers and adolescents however, due to puberty, our skin may break out in pimples and acne, and we may also experience having oily or greasy skin, or even dry skin for that matter. This applies for both boys and girls, and due to the fact that people tend to become more self conscious at this age, it could become quite a problem in terms of appearance as it could lead to low self esteem, and even depression, depending on how bad the situation is. It is at this time that a lot of attention and care is paid to the skin, and creams, lotions, soaps, facewashes etc are purchased and used to treat undesirable skin qualities as well as acne and pimples. Dermatologists also recommend medication.

As we grow into adulthood, this trend continues but not on such a major scale. However, the older you get, the more conscious you become about the aging process and whether your skin is getting saggy and discolored, or whether you’re getting wrinkles and dark spots. For this purpose, there are plenty of anti-aging serums that can be used to make you look more youthful. If required, a cosmetic route can be taken and you can opt for a excellent face lift in Singapore to make your skin more taut.

When speaking of cosmetic surgery, there are also options which include a laser treatment for face, or even methods of extensive plastic surgery, to mold your face into what you want. This often incorporates Botox and other substances to make the skin look tight and young rather than old and saggy. The problem is, these procedures may cost you quite a penny, as beauty and vanity comes at a price. Given the expertise of the surgeons and the cost of the techniques d machines used, it will be quite expensive.

One of the best options is probably to get plenty of exercise whenever possible, and to eat healthy. This reflects in terms of both health and appearance as you grow older. Reduce stress as much as possible as well by means of stress relieving activities and hobbies.

June 16th, 2017

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