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Although it is the widely known notion that they are lazy creatures with absolutely no use to humans who lounge around all day looking for food – they really are quite something more than just that. They are highly underrated creatures who are just as loving as any other pet. They are very playful creatures who do not have the same energy levels as dogs, but nevertheless highly entertaining. They are very good with younger children when trained well. See this link http://sosd.org.sg/sponsor-a-dog/what-is-sponsoring-how/ for more information about sponsor a dog in Singapore.


Kittens are very playful and are a total delight to any household. They will provide the daily dose of entertainment to the family. All you have to do is, give them a string or a ball that rattles and they will tirelessly play with it. They will run around like a furry ball and liven up any home. It is a great way to relieve stress and to watch their ways of pouncing around.


Cats purr when they feel most comfortable and loved. This is considered to be very healthy for the owner. Especially the vibration is supposed to lower blood pressure and heal muscle injuries. When buying a pet in Singapore if you have the above mentioned, always settle for a feline, because their purring is very comforting to the owner along with the healing powers. Even though it is said to increase bone strength as well at very small level and even help fight Dysponea it is not a hundred percent confirmed.


Unlike many other animals, cats are quite easy to care for. They rarely need a lot of attention and will always use the litter box. They do not need walks for most household cats don’t even step outside for they are typical domestic animals. When buying a pet cat, always make sure you can take the responsibility of giving them the right meals and food. They love to be pampered, but they will always be satisfied with a good belly rub.


Cats are very keen about their cleanliness and thus, are always free of dirt and fresh. They are obsessed with always refreshing themselves even after using the litter box and stepping outside. They are very good pets to have if you have children unless their fur is allergic to them. Owners do not need to bathe them regularly.

Cats of the feline family are definitely a handful to have, but are some of the most loving creatures to have as pets. Although the people who like dogs are more popular than people who like cats, it is much easier to have them as pets.

January 18th, 2016

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