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If an individual is injured in his or her worksite and the company refuses to compensate for the accident, these individuals could take legal action against the firm. However, not every individual are able to master up the courage to do so, in fear of the fees and process of involved in court hearings. However, in such situations, where both the parties cannot resolve the problem needs to process it in the courts. In these situations there are legal advisors also known as litigation attorneys, who handle these cases. If you’re interested pursing a career in this area, you might be researching some information about it.
These individuals are normally hired by the best law firms to solve various cases. On the other hand, these individuals handle different types of cases such as the following;

 Criminal cases Civil case Property dispute and others.
Do you have good negotiation and speaking skills? Have you taken part in debate competitions and performed well? Given the aforementioned facts, here are pointers to consider, if you’re planning to pursue a career in this field:
a. The first step, once you’ve completed schooling, start looking for a university or college program to become a litigation lawyer in Singapore. You should enroll and complete an undergraduate program in the arts stream, in order to get into law school. Aim for a good GPA score, so that you would be able to enter into Law College.
b. Post-degree completion, you are required to sit for law entrance examination. You need to work hard, in order to score high. Followed by registering with the counsel of the law school. You will be submitting your transcripts, recommendation letters and other important documents. Afterwards, you would have to wait for a response from the institute.
c. Once you’ve got accepted to the school, you would have to dedicate your time and mind to complete the studies well to become a reputed lawyer. However, since the acceptance and enrolling period could be long, start looking for internship opportunities, with your degree qualifications.
d. While studying in law school, make use of every opportunity that comes in your way for becoming a litigation lawyer. Look for internships in law firms and perform well in order to get recommendation.
e. Prepare well ahead for the bar exam and complete all the necessary submissions of the application procedure. After you sit for the final exam and receiving the results, you will be graduating.
If you’re looking planning to pursue a career in this area, these are the main steps of achieving this career goal.

February 22nd, 2016

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