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If your best friend is getting married and you have been chosen as her bridesmaid then you no doubt have a very important duty ahead of you to organize a bridal shower or a hen’s night, depending on what type of girl she really is. Many people do not know the difference between a bridal shower hens night. 
Traditionally, it is customary for a groom’s best mates to throw him what is known as a bachelor party. That is, a wild night out on his last day singleness to celebrate his impending “loss of freedom”. For a woman traditionally she is thrown what is known as a bridal shower, a quiet little party at home for her female friends, relatives and even family members such as her mother and grandmother. All female guests will bring the bride gifts, cards and lots of goodies to wish her the best for her future life. Today however, these rules have changed significantly with women being more outgoing and relationships in general, becoming more about equality and love. You are likely to find hundreds of hen’s night ideas online that you can use in combination with other ideas to create the perfect night for your best friend. If you want to know more about spa treatment in Singapore just visit G.Spa for more information.

Combining ideas
Today, women and men would go out partying together and would go out to a wild night as a couple as opposed to a man having to sneak out with his with mates to have fun. In modern society a woman drinks as much as a man would and would be as open to having as much of a wild night as a man would. Relationships between men and women are more about them being best friends rather than man and wife. Men no longer feel the need to go out on a wild night because they no longer feel like they are losing their freedom but that they are getting a life with the best friend. Similarly women too have changed significantly and they have become bored with the traditional bridal shower that they are given and would love to have a bachelorette party of their own where they would go out on a wild night with the best friends over having a quiet night at home with the female relatives. Therefore, when planning the big night, look up some creative hen’s night ideas that you use that would be in line with your best friend’s personality.
Today we are seeing combined bachelor-bachelorette parties becoming more popular as a couple chooses to celebrate their last night of singleness together as a couple rather than individually with their friends. As the bridesmaid you may want to get together with the groomsmen and combine ideas with in order to give both the bride and the groom an amazing night of fun and party. The parties today are less rowdy and wild while focusing more on fun and entertainment.

January 20th, 2016

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