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Most companies by now realize the benefits that ERP implementation can bring to one’s way of working. Every department and function’s activities get streamlined and put under proper processes and methods under an ERP system. However, any ERP system implementation often calls for major investment as well as several process changes. Hence, choosing the right vendor for the same would make all the difference.

Availability of different segmentationThe ERP software industry has evolved over time. With several vendors offering ERP software there are different domain specific solutions available. Gone are the days when a standard system was modified or adjusted as per an organization’s needs. With domain specific solutions there are several software solutions in ERP that are ready fitment for any particular company of a certain segment or industry. Hence, customization delays and other issues that used to rise in the past are not encountered if you choose the right software vendor for your company. For instance, if you run an HR consultancy firm you will find systems that incorporate the right HR software in Singapore to fit your business.

Seek out right expertsThere are many companies and brands that have made their mainstay solution to be ERP offerings. While many vendors offer ERP among other business solutions others specialize in industry specific ERP solutions. Choosing the best domain expertise will help you to find a list of suppliers or vendors who would be able to offer the right solution for your firm. When you browse through their offerings and check the modules they offer such as leave HRMS system and others you should be able to identify your organization’s needs with such a software solution.

Terms and reliability factorsWhen it comes to implementing ERP systems for your organization, it is not only a one time purchase but an implementation that is organization wide and needs constant support and training from a vendor company. Hence, besides checking the terms and rates among different vendors a company needs to also ascertain how reliable is a vendor. This would be apparent from the existence of the brand, its ERP solutions and reputation of the same in the market and what do their present customers say about it.

It is important to review the quality of customer support and service they offer. Every ERP vendor also needs to organize training of personnel in client organizations from time to time to help people use the right systems and understand the features and functions that exist. These are the important aspects that segregate a quality vendor from others in the same market segment.

February 14th, 2017

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