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Who says flowers and chocolates are the only gifts for a woman? There are plenty of women who will happily forgo the so-called romantic gift in exchange for something more functional. This is especially true of the working woman, the professional who works in an office. Here are some suggestions that will help you the next time you go shopping for a gift for a professional woman:

A Cute Bag for WorkIf she has limited options when it comes to clothes and accessories (due to company rules and maybe a palette of colours they have to stick to), a bag may be the only way to show off her personal style so keep your eye out for good options like a Toyboy handbag. These work-ready bags are made of a soft material that is flexible, making it the ultimate in comfortable work accessories. Your friend will love that it is a useful gift that is also stylish and will appreciate the thoughtfulness that led you to get it for her.

A Shopping SpreeWearing the same thing to work every day can be a drag; even if she is allowed to wear different cuts and colours, the clothes will start to feel old very soon, so grab one of her free days and take her on a shopping trip – on you, of course. Make a day out of it by going out for a meal and maybe even a movie. If you are not into shopping yourself, get your friend a gift voucher from a big name like a Toyboy distributor in Singapore so that she can shop to her heart’s content. If you are going the voucher way however, do some research beforehand to ensure that you give her access to stores and labels she likes, not ones she will never wear.

A Relaxing DayAny woman working in a testosterone-filled, high pressure job will tell you that she cannot wait to come home and hit the sack. Day in and day out of a job like that is exhausting, and holidays may well be few and far between. So get her a nice, relaxing spa package complete with full body massage and other holistic healing procedures. Or pay for her to get away for a weekend. Or if you can’t afford anything fancy, take over some food and give her a break from chores. She will definitely appreciate being taken care of for a change.

So when shopping for a woman, who is her own person, is independent and works hard, look for things that will help her make her day easier and remember that, ultimately, it is the thought that counts.

February 10th, 2017

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