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Most companies come across different kinds of technology that sell them something similar – how to track their assets and get live updates on the same. Labeling and tags with radio frequency identification is one such technology that is popularly used. However, it is necessary to look at the integration of such technology with the existing systems across the retail outlets as well as back to the inventory system of a company. It is necessary to find a vendor who can provide a seamless experience in this regard.
Different suppliers and different systems
Most companies start off with an inventory or production scheduling system much before the product tagging or labeling system is introduced. Most business asset tracking software states that they are compatible with other systems. However, integrating a new technology using zebra barcode scanner with a slightly older one might bring in several hiccups and lead to losses in productivity as well.

Understand your needs
Most managers might not think the whole thing through before they seek a vendor offering zebra barcode scanner systems. It is necessary to understand the end and ultimate purpose of installing the technology. From ensuring that no unsold item leaves a retail outlet to get updates of sales from the different outlets back to the main inventory system should be the sole aim of taking up this kind of a technology.
Find possible solutions
When you already have an inventory tracking system in place, it would be wise to seek out an asset tracking technology that can integrate data into the existing system. Often, the inventory management software companies offer the related tracking software and tools as well. That will help to get a smooth setup done with less chances of software incompatibility coming up. On the other hand, if you are taking up different tracking tools and technology, you need to ensure that these are set up in a smooth manner with data integration done before you make the final payment to the vendor. It is best to get the setup done before sales of goods starts flowing from the different outlets as downtime in software can lead to errors and losses as well.
Get the right expert
If you are confused with the several possibilities in the market, get a software expert to help you out. It would be easier if you consult an expert at the time you are setting up the distribution and retail aspects of your business. The expert can help in setting up the right software and tools for tracking and live updates to occur in the main inventory systems. This can also be done when you remodel your business or when you find falling profits and loss in sales and productivity.

March 18th, 2016

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