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The bathroom is one of the most important areas of the house but is often neglected. It not only has a great influence on the cleanliness and hygiene of your home, but it can reveal about your personality to the guests as well. For instance, if it is unclean and clumsy, your guest will think of you as an organized person. Make sure to follow the tips given below to ensure that you make this space as perfect as possible.
A clean mirror
The mirror in this room is something that you use often. Whether it is to wash your face or shave, you will need it to be clean. If the mirror is old, rusty or even clouded most of the time, you will find it difficult to carry on with your task. You can also think of hanging a customized or trendy mirror to make the restroom interior more appealing.

Good lighting
Lighting should not be disregarded when looking for bathroom design ideas. It has been found that spaces with inadequate lighting can reduce work productivity. If there is pool lighting in the room, you will not be able to shave properly or even take a bath peacefully. Moreover, this inadequate lighting can also lead to injuries due to tripping and falling. Thus, it is important to make sure that you use the right bulbs and lighting settings for this space.
Clean towels
When looking for bathroom design ideas, people often forget to include the use of good linen. They think that having a tub, shower, sink and commode makes the space perfect. Remember that no restroom is efficient without clean towels. Make sure to change these towels every other day to maintain your personal hygiene. Moreover, clean towels can create a good impression on the visitors too.
Trash can
This is something that most people fail to include in a bathroom. The important of a trash can inside this space should not be underestimated – especially if there are ladies in the house. You cannot leave the toilet paper lying on the floor since that’s gross! You need to ensure that the trash bin is placed in the right place without blocking the path. Do not purchase a big one since it can consume a lot of space. You will also have to empty this bin every once in a while to prevent it from overflowing.
Apart from these essentials, you also need to ensure that the restroom space is well stocked with the right equipment, tools and supplies at all times.

March 15th, 2016

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