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A business traveler’s requirements are so much more different compared to some who is traveling for leisure. You need to be sure that you get the most comfortable and yet flexible lodging facilities. Do here are a few tips to make it easier for you.
Business travelers should always book apartments on a monthly rental contract. If your contract is one year or two years then it may be applicable to go for a 6 month leasing agreement but it is always safe to stay on month-to-month contract.
Check the surrounding properties
The only way to know if the price you being offered is fair is by checking the price ratings of the nearby properties. If the rent you are required to pay is 10% than what the surrounding landlords are requesting then you many want to reconsider.
The security deposit
Whether it’s a monthly rental or a year one this is always a crucial aspect when making your booking. When renting a unit you will be required to set down a deposit that will be returned to you at the end of the lease agreement. For example the deposits can a 6 month rent payment, one monthly rent as deposit or a two month lease for a 24 month long lease. If there is any evidence of damage to the property by you then the owner does have the right to take the deposit to cover the damages but keep in mind if there are any shady deals like a high deposit and low rent then you should avoid them.

Expatriate Clause
This is something that often gets missed when signing the agreement. This allows you to make any calculations of the lease without losing the security deposit you made. For example if you agree to a 6 month lease but then you get re-located in 3 months and therefore you need to cancel the lease. This clause can have conditions like being able cancel with a 2 month notice or one month notice without you losing the security deposit. So always check for this in the agreement.
Beside this you will need to think about whether you want a furnished apartment or not. For a business traveler a furnished apartment would definitely be less costly because you wouldn’t have to worry about spend time or money on finding furniture, kitchen appliances and utensils. These are definitely more traveler friendly apartments and definitely less costly when compared to staying in a hotel. Keep in mind that you should find a place close by to the office or conference hall you need to go to during you stay. This can save up your travel costs.

December 21st, 2015

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