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New homes bring with them new hopes and dreams. All these hopes and dreams can be crushed in a moment with a deadly disease, like the common heart disease. A part of staying healthy, and ensuring your family’s health, is to make a home pro-health. This is an aspect most homeowners hardly think about when moving into a new place. Making a home healthy is not the same as making it safe (which is also quite important on its own). A healthy home promotes hygiene and good habits along with keeping children, pets and parents safe. Here are several tips on how to go about making your home healthier: 1. Keep water hygienic
Tap water, even when chlorinated, may not be the safest to drink. Tap water safety greatly varies by where a person lives. It could be difficult for a layperson to know exactly how safe tap water is. Some homeowners alleviate their worries by buying bottled water, which, in turn, only contributes to landfills and environmental destruction. A smart homeowner can avoid these worries by installing the best water filters, more than one, at the house. An initial investment will make drinking water safer and cheaper on the long run compared to buying bottles.
2. Buy trash bins that close
After water filters, hygiene standards could be greatly improved with simple changes to how a household handles its trash. The average modern household generates massive amounts of garbage, most of it food waste. Most households keep trash bins without latches for the convenience of being able to throw things in without enduring the hassle of opening the latch. This can lead to multiple problems, namely ants and flies, especially during the hot months. Therefore, don’t be lazy and buy trash bins with latches, at least for the kitchen where organic waste is mostly disposed at. 3. Keep tableware in storage
Most households do not store plates, cups and cutlery appropriately. Some tableware, after washing, is kept outside even when they are not in frequent use. This is a bad idea. These items can quickly gather dust and grime that can lead to upset stomachs and other diseases. Therefore, store all tableware in a hygienic place to avoid potential health risks. Do not put tableware out on display unless you wash them before each use. Even the cups, plates and cutlery in frequent use should be stored soon after drying on a rack. Click this link http://www.aox.com.sg/ for more information about water dispenser Singapore. The above tips do not require much money or time to adapt. Yet, doing so will be greatly beneficial health-wise to you and your family on the long run.

January 29th, 2016

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