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Whether we like alcohol or not, it is undeniable that most of us like wine; good ones, that is. So it is important to know how to find out if it is of good quality or not. If you are a first timer and you taste something which is of inferior quality you may not be inclined to try these beverages again and would miss the opportunity to try one of the most refined drinks to roam the earth. 

However, even if you fail the first time, you should not give up if you want to achieve the ultimate result; being able to purchase the perfect wine either for personal pleasure or to impress that special person. 

So here are a few things which will help you to succeed the very first time (if you pay attention, that is). 


The first step is to do some research about the types that are available. You will come across weird names such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, etc. and some of them are white ones while some of them are red wine Myanmar 

If you are a lazybones and does not want to do any researching, the best thing is to ask someone or buy produces online from a shop which would give you recommendations.  

Check the labels 

All the information you need will be there in the label. So, if you are looking for a one produced in a particular region or a specific type, etc. the label is your ultimate helper. However, if you are still experimenting to find out which variety or the brand has the ability to sooth your taste buds, you have to do the actual tasting. 


When you go to the wine shop, before you taste the product, pour it to a glass, twirl a bit and then smell it. This is how the professionals do it and would definitely work for a beginner. If you get an acidic smell or a bad smell no point in tasting it; the item is not good. Proper good quality wine should be sweet-smelling and should make you want to sip it. 


Take a small sip and see what you feel. Do feel a lot of different flavours in your mouth? Does the flavour you tasted just as you took the sip change in to something else a small while after you have swallowed it? Does the taste linger even after you have consumed the sip of wine? If your answer was “yes” to all of the above, you have successfully found yourself a good one. 

Almost all wine dealers will be more than willing to allow you a tasting so do not be shy about asking them for one. If they do not allow you to do the sampling, then may be the product is not worth buying.  

So happy tasting and I hope that you will find your perfect match (in wine)! 

November 23rd, 2017

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