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You’re planning to host a wedding anniversary lunch or dinner for family and closed friends. Therefore, you first need to prepare the menu for finalizing the different dishes that you wish to prepare. In order to start with your plan, decide and confirm the number of invitees, attending the function. You need to know the rough headcount to prepare dishes with the quantity that is sufficient. Once, you’ve got the rough count of the invitees, sit down and decide on the main menu you plan to prepare for the guests. If you’re thinking of poultry, you have a range of choices to choose. On the other hand, at present, there are many products that are sold in supermarkets.
As a fact, you have a range of dishes that you could prepare with any of the chicken products stacked in deep freezers or racks. When you’re selecting these products, you need to keep in mind, about the invitees. You might be knowing friends who only eat halal products. Therefore, make it a point to choose these products with that label. So, what are the different products available in the market? What could you prepare for the special function? Here are some of the options that you could consider:

Chicken is a main poultry option, when it comes to celebrating various events and functions. Therefore, you could easily find different packaging of fresh or halal frozen chicken. With that said, you could prepare side dishes, snacks, main menus and many more with this poultry option. Given that, these are the items available in the market;
 If you’re looking for easy preparation without having the hassles to clean the bird, you could opt for boneless breasts.
 On the other hand, you could choose chicken wings, which a great option for snacks or side dishes, which goes along with some green salad.
 Alternatively, you have halal frozen chicken breast fillets, thighs, etc. that are easy to prepare a tasty meal.
 You could prepare some snacks for children, with other products. For instance you could find other frozen products such as chicken pops, nuggets, BBQ chicken and more.
If you scroll through the Internet, you would be able to find large amounts of recipes that you could try with any of these products. You could choose to include more than one poultry dish in the menu. Therefore, everyone will have a choice of food they prefer. With that said, respect the beliefs of invitees, and choose the best and correct product for preparing a meal.

May 5th, 2016

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